Understanding The CashCow

What if you have the lamp of Aladdin and the genie grants you three wishes?

That won’t be possible because it happens only in fiction stories.

Ok, let’s think about a practical scenario.

What if you may have multiple income sources like real estate, online web properties, investments in stocks and bonds, investments in startups, valuable domain names, affiliate websites and e-commerce business.

You can enjoy your life with freedom when you don’t have a dependency on a single source of income (like in the case of a 5-9 job).

So what we are saying here is –

  • You would start doing the things you love to do (a dream life)
  • You would never trade your time for money, you would work for your passion.
  • You will still monitor your cash-generating assets by spending 2-3 hours a week.

And this is what you call a CASH COW system.

The system, that you build and nurture in 10 years, that keeps you supplying Cash for the lifetime.

You can have your own small beautiful house in the mountains where you will have access to clean air, clean water and a peaceful community. You would need an internet connection to run your business online.

You can take long breaks from your work to travel the world. You can pursue hobbies without worrying about paying your monthly bills.

This may sound like a dream world but many people are already living this life. They are not super talented nerds, nor they own a company like Amazon or Flipkart.

I am talking about people who retired early and living a financially free life, the concept known as F.I.R.E (Financial Independent Retire Early).

You may not choose to retire early but definitely, you should plan for financial independence, right?

I have one assignment for you if you are serious about making good financial changes in your life.

First assignment – Define what would change in your life if you don’t have to worry about money?

I asked this question from myself (with serious intent) in 2014 when I left my well-paying software developer job.

The first answer came “I will travel the whole world with my family, staying only in 5-star hotels and boarding only business class flights”

The second thought came “I will own a big house with a private swimming pool, multiple expensive cars and my wife would buy whatever she wish without looking at the price tag”

The fantasy continued…

unless I thought about what my kids would be doing if I had unlimited money.

“Hanging out with rich spoiled kids of the society? Drinking in dance clubs? Maybe drugs?”

Well, money would not solve all the problems in life.

Excessive money brings its own challenges.


It took me a couple of days… when I thought in the silence…

what kind of life should I live if I don’t have to worry about money.


This is the answer that I finally accepted,

“Waking up with the bird’s chirping, in a farm located at the outskirts of the city. Going out for a short walk around the farm, possibly near the river and mountains. 

Getting my hands dirty to harvest the fresh vegetables for the breakfast. Spending time with myself, in the silence, in gratitude for every living & non-living creature who made my life comfortable.

Spending the rest of my morning looking after my online business, spending some time with friends to discuss ideas and share my learnings.

Playing with kids in the afternoon, working on the farm till the evening or inviting friends, reading till the dinner is ready.

Sleeping in the peace so that the next morning can be more beautiful.”

Would you call it a retired life?


This is actually living a real life. isn’t it?

I don’t believe in the traditional way of retiring. I don’t want to become baggage that nobody wants.

You can complete the assignment and define your dream life. Make sure you include the hobbies that you want to pursue but holding off because of the busy life.

After completing the assignment.. come back.. and read… 

From where will you get access to financial resources to live your dream life?

Actually, financial pundits have misguided us to focus only on money.

You need to have both – the time and money to live your dream life.

Even super-rich CEOs have regrets about time scarcity.

This is what Alibaba’s founder has to say.

Jack Ma wanted to become an English teacher, but he did not get the time because he was committed to Alibaba.

A similar incident is from a conversation between Chanakya and Chandragupta Maurya.

Chanakya used to keep Chandragupt busy with the kingdom’s responsibility and work to the extent that Chadragupt got frustrated.

One fine day he met Chanakya and said, I am not happy after becoming the king.

Chanakya replied – I promised that you will be king one day. But when did I promise that you will be happy?

So even if you have all the money – then also you may not live your dream life.

Practically, I can’t be the CEO of a billion-dollar company and work on my organic farm at the same time. 

I can own a big land for farming but won’t enjoy the process of growing my own food on the daily basis. For hands-on farming work, I have to leave the time demanding job or business.

I believe anyone can re-start their financial freedom journey from scratch and become financially independent by working hard for 10 years.

Traditional financial planners would not agree with me. Because they advise saving pennies from the salary to invest in stocks, mutual funds and bonds.

Their complex financial formulas give you a 7 crore retirement figure that you would get only at the age of 60. You may have money at the age of 60 but may not have an active healthy body.

Anyways, why do you need to wait for 7 crores of retirement fund when you can start your mini-retirements from next year?

7 crore retirement figure is deceiving.

Let’s not target a money number but target for the things that you would buy with money.

Here’s your second assignment – Write all your income sources.

First part

Write down how much do you earn per year from salary or side income.

Second part

Sum up how much do you own – Your current wealth invested in stocks, bonds, jewelry, real estate and other investments. Also include those which you are going to inherit in the future.

Third Part – Find all the secondary income sources that you are earning like stocks dividends, interest income, trading profits, rental income, or earnings from buying and selling property.

The third assignment will help you find out your current skills to start your side hustle.

The third assignment – Write down all your present skills.

All the skills that you already have.

Skill can be anything that you use for the benefit of your organization or to solve other people’s problems. 

Skills can be auditing, content writing, accounting, marketing, budget planning, arranging parties, or even how to make anyone laugh.

You need to write your every small skill and not only the main skill.

Suppose if you are a programmer then coding is your main skill, But, you would also have skills, like – test setup, client interaction, email writing, sales ppt decks, presentation, and public speaking skills.

You can also add self organizing skills. Like – how you keep your house beautiful, gardening, or maintaining your health & fitness.


If you are 30 years of age, then what can you do by 40 to generate enough income sources?

Or if you are 35 then what you can do by the end of 45 to live your dream life?

You are not late for financial transformation. 

Starting late is better than starting never.

The CashCow system is different from the regular retirement plan that is designed for a life expectancy of 70 or 80 years only.

What if you live over 80 years?

You will be left with no money in your retirement corpus.

In countries like Japan, where life expectancy is more, the retirees are left with no money and they have to spend the rest of their lives in old age homes.

Build your CashCow system in 10 years, which I am going to explain in this course.

Complete all the 3 assignments that I have shared in this lesson.

This is going to be a practical course.. and this won’t work by understanding only the theory.

You have to participate practically if you want to generate the real result.

You want real cash, not virtual cash. 


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  1. The ideas shared above are truly beautiful and liberating. They are filled with creativity, talent, art and logic that can be practiced through life. But the point is can this be ,materialized by all ? ! People are are of different ages, backgrounds and skills. Most importantly they are forced to do what they have been doing as escaping from their present work is not that easy. In order to live life they have to do the present occupation and simultaneously look for alternatives. Company of right people, conducive atmosphere, time availability, new skills and resources are what the change seekers gain in life.


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